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Figment Nodes

This is a list of all the nodes in Figment:


  • Null: Does nothing.
  • Out: Signifies that this is the output of the network.

Image Operations

Creating / Loading Images

Resizing / Cropping / Combining images

  • Resize: Resize the input image.
  • Crop: Crop an input image.
  • Composite: Combine two images together.
  • Stack: Combine 2 images horizontally / vertically.

Filters / Effects

The images of the examples courtesy of John Mark Arnold and Sergey Shmidt.

  • Blur: Blur an input image.
  • Border: Generate a border around the image.
  • Canny: Canny edge detection on input image.
  • Mask Ellipse: Draw a circular mask of an image or color.
  • Emboss: Emboss convolution on an input image.
  • Grayscale: Convert the input image to grayscale.
  • Invert: Invert the colors of input image.
  • Lens Distortion: Distort an image using a lens distortion shader.
  • Levels: Change the brightness/contrast/saturation of an image.
  • Lookup: Map the colors of one image to another image.
  • Mirror: Mirror the input image over a specific axis.
  • Modulate Color: Adjust the colors of the input image.
  • Pixelate: Pixelate the input image.
  • Reduce Color: Reduce the amount of colors of input image.
  • Sharpen: Sharpen an input image
  • Sobel: Sobel edge detection on input image.
  • Squares: Return input image as squares.
  • Threshold: Change brightness threshold of input image.
  • Trail: Don't erase the previous input image, creating a trail.
  • Transform: Transform the image.

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